Revitalization & Business Initiative

sub·scrip·tion [suhb-skrip-shuhn]

We’re changingthe conversation

Educating and engaging students in business issues shaping Detroit

  • Michigan Ross School of Business

    Who we are

    Launched by Ross School of Business MBAs in 2010, R&B connects University of Michigan students with Detroit’s evolving business landscape. R&B promotes Detroit’s assets and encourages students to explore opportunities in the Motor City.

  • Detroit

    What we do

    R&B hosts an annual capstone conference examining key business initiatives in Detroit. We also organize excursions and plan events to highlight the city’s career opportunities, rich culture, and quality of life.

  • City

    Where we are going

    We strive for impact by contributing to Detroit organizations through student-run consulting projects and motivating UM students to choose Detroit as a career and lifestyle destination. R&B engages students with the important issues shaping the city’s future.